Kick Bass Performance Marine Cleaning Products

Safely and easily removes fish attractant, jelly stains, scum lines, exhaust, water spots and deposits!

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Kick Bass "Rejuvinator" Boat Brightener

Boat Brightener Gallon $22.95 + Shipping

Boat Brightener Quart (trigger spray) $9.95 + Shipping

Boat Brightener Pint (trigger spray) $6.95 + Shipping


 - Use for quick ramp cleanups or pre-tournament day brightening! Works on the boat, motor, trailer, seats, console, windscreen, trailer tires, and rims.  One product protects and gives a long lasting, durable shine!

- Safe and effective for general carpet cleaning and spot removal!

- Great for use after Attractant/Jelly Remover for an even brighter shine!

- Safe for use on electronic screens!

- Environmentally safe, water miscible, water based!

- Put a couple ounces in your tow vehicles windshield washer fluid for a Kick Bass way to remove bugs and road grime!

Kick Bass "Terminator" Attractant/Jelly


Attractant/Jelly Remover Quart (trigger spray) $19.95 + Shipping

Attractant/Jelly Remover Pint (trigger spray) $12.95 + Shipping

- Removes staining from gel, jelly, and spray type fish attractants from gel-coat or aluminum (painted or unpainted)boats with ease!

- Removes scum lines from both aluminum and fiberglass hulls easily!

- Safe for use on todays electronic screens! Just apply to clean damp cotton cloth and wipe!

- Polishes road weary mag trailer wheels to a high shine!

- Removes bugs and road tar from your boat hull, trailer, and tow vehicle!

- This is a "GREEN" product, and will not harm our precious water resources!

- Environmental and Legislative Considerations - Terminator Attractant/Jelly Remover contains absolutely zero VOC, no HAPS, no rule 102 ingredients, no California Prop 65 materials, no flourinated surfactants to accumulate in the environment, and ships non regulated.

Kick Bass "Dominator" SS Prop/Chrome Cleaner -

Prop/Chrome Cleaner Quart (flip top) $19.95 + Shipping

Prop/Chrome Cleaner Pint (flip top) $12.95 + Shipping 

- Kick Bass Chrome Cleaner also available for your SS or aluminum prop, trailer and tow vehicle wheels!

- Apply and allow to dry to a haze (drys very quickly).  Simply rub out with a cotton cloth for a showroom shine!  Also removes light surface rust.

Kick Bass "Eliminator" Hand Kleener -

Hand Kleener



8 oz


16 oz




- Gentle yet effective in removing fish and bait odors, as well as oil and gas stains and smells!

- Non Scented, waterless!

- Has NO adverse affect on fish!

Kick Bass Exhaust Assassin -

Exhaust Assassin Quart (trigger spray) $19.95 + Shipping 

Exhaust Assassin Pint (trigger spray) $12.95 + Shipping

- Easily removes exhaust grime from stainless steel prop hubs and polishes blades to a sparkle!

- Polishes road weary mag trailer wheels to a high shine!


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NEW PRODUCT! Kick Bass RENOVATOR rod and reel cleaner! $6.50 per 8 oz bottle!

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