Kick Bass Performance Marine Cleaning Products

Safely and easily removes fish attractant, jelly stains, scum lines, exhaust, water spots and deposits!

Directions for Use -

Boat Brightener -

 - Hold bottle 6-8 inches from surface.

 - Spray lightly, then wipe with a clean, soft cloth.  Terry cloth works best!

 - For best results, turn cloth over or use another clean dry cloth to rub out to a high shine!

 - Use on chrome, stainless steel, and painted surfaces as well as your gelcoat and aluminum boats.

 - Great for use on carpet as a spot remover or general purpose carpet cleaner.  Use the concentrate in your carpet cleaners!

 - Add some Boat Brightener to your tow vehicles windshield washer fluid for a Kick Bass bug remover!

 - Concentrate may be made stronger or weaker depending upon the job at hand.  Great for use with pressure washers.

 - Concentrate is more economical and versatile - but read to use is effective and easy to use!

Attractant/Jelly Remover -

 - Shake well and often.  Product will settle. 

 - Use Attractant/Jelly Remover straight from the bottle.

 - Apply liberaly to a cloth or directly to the surface.  Works best removing relatively fresh fish attractants and jellies.  Dried /baked onattractant may take a subsequent applcation.  For best results hit it with the Boat Brightener after.

 - Let sit, but do not let dry.  Rub out to a high lustre!

 - If you let the Attractant/Jelly Remover dry on a surface, a white haze will result. Simply rub out, and apply more remover or Boat Brightener if neccessary.

Propeller/Chrome Cleaner -

 - Apply a thin coat of product with a rag or sponge to surface.

 - Let product dry to a haze.  This will only take a minute or two.

 - Polish with a soft cotton cloth, preferably terry cloth.

 - Works well on hot metal too!

General Tips -

Always start your fishing season with a good coat ( or two! ) of a quality wax on your boat. 

Always use a clean, cotton cloth.  Preferably terry cloth.


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